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Charlie Echols

b. c.1908, USA. What small is known concerning this trumpet participant, depends mainly upon interviews carried out by jazz article writer Albert McCarthy with different previous sidemen. In the springtime of 1931 Echols shaped a nine-piece music group in LA, California. The music group included saxophonists Babe Carter and Herman Pettis, pianist Lorenzo Flennoy and drummer Preston ‘Peppy’ Prince. Later on that yr, the music group also included trumpeter McClure ‘Crimson Mack’ Morris and modern newspaper reviews indicated that non-e from the music group’s people was over 23. By 1932 the employees from the music group have been radically modified, although Prince continued to be. Among new people had been Bumps Myers and Child Ory. The music group continued to surface in southern California through the next 2 yrs and among sidemen had been Jack port McVea, saxophonist Friend Banking institutions and drummer Alton Redd. A short while later, Flennoy got over leadership from the music group. Echols then shaped a new music group including Morris, Andy Blakeney, saxophonist Paul Howard, bass participant Johnny Miller and Lionel Hampton. Among the locations of which this music group performed was the LA New Cotton Golf club. In 1935, Echols resumed management of his older music group which right now included Buck Clayton, Tyree Glenn, Don Byas, Herschel Evans and McVea. A later on music group led by Echols included Ernie Royal, Myers, Howard, Al Morgan and Lee Youthful. In 1939, Echols led a strap with an identical personnel in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Thereafter, Echols drifted into obscurity and seems to have given up music group leading sometime in the 40s. Although some from the music artists who performed in rings led by Echols recalled it with great love and admiration, the music group appears to never have recorded and its own reputation must as a result rely upon this (admittedly well-informed) hearsay.

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