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Buried Alive

Buried Alive took the torch lit by vocalist Scott Vogel’s previous rings and ran with it complete force, bringing their punishing metalcore to some nationwide audience via incessant touring, 1 blistering full-length album, along with a posthumous launch of later-era demos. Much like genre standard-bearers Hatebreed, Buried Alive’s music was stomping, plodding, and weighty. It often found the pace a little to obtain the mosh pit shifting and constantly strengthened by Vogel’s commanding vocal existence and rather bleak lyrical topics. Buried Alive created in Buffalo following the dissolution of Vogel’s previous music group, Despair, who experienced released information via Trustkill and Preliminary during their brief but prolific profession. Vogel, with an associate of Snapcase, experienced also been an integral part of Slugfest, therefore obtaining Buried Alive observed quickly within the hardcore picture was a no-brainer after they got shifting having a two-song demonstration and smattering of live shows. Created in 1998, the music group — whose last lineup also included guitarists Matt Roberts and Scott Sprigg, bassist Joe Orlando, and drummer Kevin Corcoran — was quickly snatched up by Chicago’s Success imprint. They released a 7″ one together, Six Month Encounter, accompanied by a full-length record, The Death of the Perfect World. Carrying out a healthy timeframe on the highway with rings like Skarhead and Madball, Buried Alive made a decision to contact it a time soon after completing demos for another record, which were afterwards put together and released by Success as Last Rites in 2000.

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