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Bob Robinson

There is certainly some mystery concerning who Bob Robinson in fact was. His name shows up connected to some edges issued with a loose band of Chicago music artists beneath the monikers the Hokum Kids as well as the Down House Kids (based on what label) in the first to middle-’30s. Many of these edges were released by Paramount Information, and a Bob Robinson was outlined like a vocalist, guitarist, clarinetist, and banjo participant on a few of these slashes. They were hokum blues produces (hokum was after that in its heyday) generally focused around Jimmy Blythe on piano, as well as the real identity from the multi-instrumentalist Bob Robinson is definitely a bit hazy. Any difficulty ., at least for some experts, the strange Bob Robinson was in fact Alexander Robinson, who was simply wedded to composer and pianist Aletha Dickerson, who also been a staffer at Paramount Information. Robinson was referred to as a pretty reasonable pianist (although he apparently never monitored a part on piano), as an excellent baritone vocalist, so that as a composer, songwriter, and piano instructor. He and his wife possessed and went a music shop that was frequented by several music artists and performers, including Small Sibling Montgomery, and Alexander Robinson also hosted a music plan with Blythe over the KYW radio place for a while. If Alexander Robinson is definitely the same person as Bob Robinson, and there is certainly debate on the problem, then he was created Sept 16, 1893 in NEW YORK and passed away in the springtime of 1970.

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