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Bob Causer

To have discographers hint an individual may not exist, apart from like a pseudonym for somebody else’s saving enterprise, appears to be like sitting on the threshold of total obscurity. The name Bob Causer, and occasionally Rob Causer, turns up on a number of records through the ’20s and ’30s, a few of them the type of low-budget dance music group material frequently developed by the same kind of gang of NY studio music artists from the time, hiding behind a summary of made-up music group names several web pages in length. You can find recordings by Bob Causer & His Cornellians in the Banner label, for instance, often a hint that some guess-who arrives. Yet solid proof has been discovered of a genuine live Causer in the best music group and jazz combo business, also one which could possess rented somebody a accommodation. All roads result in Ithaca, NY, when monitoring Causer, who in a single version from the tale was a resort manager who went and place a music group together because he couldn’t discover any groupings to book in to the hotel’s ballroom. Functioning musicians could find this accounts both difficult and improbable, and even details are overlooked. Although he might have been utilized as a resort manager, Causer certainly must have got a history in music, useful when he supposedly prowled regional Cornell University searching for young music artists to jam in his ballroom. He’s detailed as the drummer on documenting sessions, displaying abilities that cannot have already been concocted in that small amount of time. Causer also taken off vocal features, saving “Baby Encounter.” While haters of classic big-band music might disagree, it really is doubtful way too many resort managers without musical experience could easily get up and sing a typical before an orchestra. His primary group organizations are Bob Causer & His Cornellians, which documented prolifically in the ’30s, and relatively earlier activity including a group referred to as Bob Causer’s Big Four, or occasionally simply the Big Four. Trombonist Spiegle Willcox Newell started dealing with Causer in 1922, getting among eight users from the Big Four. The ambitious Paul Whiteman found out the music group in the same 12 months and was thrilled from the octet’s musical options. He may also provide have already been bothered from the accounting discrepancies between your band’s name and its own number of users, insisting on the switch of name towards the Collegians. Whiteman required the group to NEW YORK for both concerts and documenting classes, including three edges for Victor. Relating to historical accounts, Whiteman was nowhere to be observed during these sessions. non-etheless, the group became referred to as Whiteman’s Collegians in 1924. Do Causer limp back again to Ithaca, begin owning a resort, and triumphantly go back to actions with Bob Causer & the Cornellians? Do the notoriously competitive Whiteman pass on rumours that Causer didn’t exist? Holds true the fact that Cornellians performed in the resort ballroom, in support of in the resort ballroom, releasing information only to promote the resort? All are significant opportunities, but the existence of much excellent young skill in the music group, including vocalist Russ Morgan and trumpeter Bunny Berigan, is certainly solid fact.

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