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Bill Williams

b. 28 Feb 1897, Richmond, Virginia, USA, d. 6 Oct 1973, Greenup, Kentucky, USA. Williams stated to have performed ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ within a quarter-hour of picking right up a electric guitar in 1908, and his amazing skills when aged over 70 with an arthritic wrist lend his state reliability. By 1922, he previously resolved in Greenup to are a trackliner over time of wandering, and performed thereafter for the neighborhood white viewers. His repertoire included the ‘blues, rags and ballads’ of his posthumous recording, songster material such as for example ‘Chicken breast’ and ‘Railroad Expenses’, white fiddle items transposed to acoustic guitar, and pop tracks such as for example ‘Darktown Strutters’ Ball’ and ‘Up A Lazy River’. There is a good ragtime edition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. Found out in 1970, he previously a short, and professedly hesitant, profession playing concerts and tv shows.

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