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Faramarz Aslani

Faramarz Aslani’s stylish acoustic guitar taking part in and singing has produced numerous followers and followers for him. He continues to be probably one of the most well known music artists among Iranians since he launched himself by his strike music “Ageh Ye Rooz…” (If 1 DAY…). Through 35 years he offers made, created, and performed music in a number of musical styles and designs from Middle Eastern pop to acoustic jazz. Aslani began like a journalist for a number of Persian and British magazines, after he graduated from London University’s University of Journalism in the first ’70s. He utilized to just work at the Tehran Journal for a long time but transferred to CBS in past due ’70s. Signing up for CBS was a crucial stage in his musical lifestyle, since he could easily get the chance to create his first record, Ageh Ye Rooz… (If 1 DAY…), in the past due ’70s, which seduced much interest. The title melody became one of the biggest Iranian music strikes. Perhaps the most significant element that produced Ageh Ye Rooz… a distinctive record was that the music were arranged for just two, and in a few music three, Spanish guitars as main equipment. This have been rarely observed in Iranian music before. His second record, End up being Yad e Hafez (Hafez, a Memorandum), was also documented for the same label. End up being Yad e Hafez was a tribute to Hafez, an excellent Iranian traditional poet, and demonstrated Aslani’s deep respect to him. The record contains eight music created for eight poems of Hafez. Following the Islamic Trend in 1979, Aslani along with his family members, like the majority of of his co-workers, still left Iran and going toward Britain, where he continuing both being a journalist and a musician. In 1992 he began a U.S. tour that was opened on the Shrine Auditorium in LA and attracted very much attention by willing Iranians all around the U.S. Aslani released his third record, Rooz-haye Taraneh va Andooh (Times of Music and Sorrow), in 1999, about twenty years after Ageh Ye Rooz… The record is made up of music that are very diverse, both however you like and concept, some lyrics which belonged to Aslani himself. In Rooz-haye Taraneh va Andooh once more he demonstrated his respect of traditional Iranian books and utilized Rumi’s well-known poem known as “Beshno az Ney” in the melody “Pay attention to the Story.” In 2003 he released another tribute recording, Rumi, with Dariush and Ramesh, which contains 13 tracks created for 13 poems of Rumi, or Molana Jalal-e-Ddin Mohammad Balkhi, a normal Iranian poet and a mystic who resided in 13th hundred years (about century before Hafez).

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