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A Cid Symphony

Definitely a harbinger of the days, A Cid Symphony — a folk-and-ethnic music collective that incorporated instruments simply because wide-ranging simply because dulcimer, hand-held brass, and Hindustani ankle bells to their extended Middle Eastern-cum-country and folk music drones — was instigated and helmed simply by Dustin Mark Miller. Miller, was an integral part of the middle-’60s Free Talk Motion at UC Berkeley, spending his period selling protest information to raise cash for the motion. The musical interest stuck, therefore in 1966 he enlisted outdated pal and neighbor Charles Ewing, whom he previously known since kindergarten, and Ernie Fischbach to start out a folk/cultural flower-child music group aligned using the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Diggers. Ewing was a devoted flamenco electric guitar aficionado, and he previously met Fischbach as the two had been in graduate college jointly at Cal Condition Long Beach. Both shared a interest for music, and Ewing shortly uncovered Fischbach could play any device with strings, aswell as drums and harmonica. The trio converged in LA and A Cid (originally Acidity) Symphony was created. Early in the band’s genesis, Fischbach wedded teenage model Deborah Cleall, who quickly became an integral part of the group, which, similar to a collective, shortly grew right into a loose band of nomadic close friends, a family group, a tribe. John Goeckermann and Tom Harris frequently added their percussive abilities, and David Goines added aswell. A Cid Symphony started playing mainly at colleges, frequently with like-minded peers the Firesign Theater and sponsored by close friends, Students to get a Democratic Culture, or whoever would support the music. In addition they crashed the Monterey Pop Celebration, playing due to the event and conference Ravi Shankar. Relating to Digger concepts, the music group would hold free of charge concerts of which they given everyone that arrived. When the music group earned its 1st write-up in the Weekend Los Angeles Occasions, each of them quit their careers at that moment and migrated towards the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay Region, where Ewing and Fischbach analyzed Hindustani music in the Ali Akbar (Khan) University of Music. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA music columnist Ralph J. Gleason launched Miller to Maximum Weiss of Dream Information. Weiss allowed the music group to make use of Fantasy’s studios, plus they documented and released their first in support of record, a self-titled triple LP, in 1967, released from the Thermal Adobe flash Music label of Denise Kaufman, a genuine Merry Prankster. Fischbach and team went on to try out using the Golden Toad, among California’s leading folk/cultural music rings led by Bob Thomas and a sister music group of sorts towards the Pleased Dead. They might often sign up for A Cid Symphony at features like the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. From the past due ’60s, after 3 years collectively, A Cid Symphony dissolved generally like a collective musical entity. Miller and Ewing’s family members, however, continued to live communally for another two decades.

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