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Axel Zwingenberger

German blues/boogie-woogie pianist Axel Zwingenberger was created in Hamburg on, may 7, 1955. Originally, Zwingenberger examined traditional piano (for 11 solid years), before finding such genuine blues performers as Albert Ammons, Meade “Lux” Lewis, and Pete Johnson, who offered as an instantaneous influence over the pianist. Alongside three various other piano playing close friends, Zwingenberger started playing blues concerts and celebrations frequently, like the 1974 First International Blues and Boogie Woogie Celebration for a Western world German radio place in Cologne, in addition to Hans Maitner’s annual celebration, Superstars of Boogie Woogie, in Vienna. By 1975, Zwingenberger received his first saving agreement, issuing such single recordings as Boogie Woogie Break down, Power Home Boogie, and Boogie Woogie Live, in addition to lending his abilities to recordings by such performers as Lionel Hampton, Jay McShann, Big Joe Turner, Lloyd Glenn, Joe Newman, Sippie Wallace, Mama Yancey, Champ Jack port Dupree, Sammy Cost, Ray Bryant, Charlie W, Vince Weber, as well as the Mojo Blues Music group, among others. Furthermore to issuing various other single recordings, Zwingenberger is constantly on the tour all around the globe and in addition has authored several magazines about blues/boogie-woogie music and music artists.

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