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The Final Solution

A name known and then hardcore devotees of the first SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA psychedelic scene, the ultimate Solution hardly ever did to push out a record, although they did play some gigs around that point (including one on the Fillmore), and played for per month at the Crimson Pup Saloon in Virginia Town, NV. Their modal distorted guitars and instrumental areas bore some commonalities to those utilized by the Great Culture and various other early SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA groups. The Final Solution acquired a grimmer, even more downcast view, both within their lyrics and within their droning, minor-keyed melodies. A lot of the primary materials performed by the ultimate Solution was compiled by lead guitarist Ernie Fosselius and bassist Bob Knickerbocker, although tempo guitarist John Yager sang lead. They do come near a cope with Mainstream, the Chicago label that documented several minimal Bay Area rings (and one main one, YOUR GOVERNMENT & the Keeping Firm), but nothing at all arrived. In past due 1966, oddly enough, drummer Jerry Slick — previously in the fantastic Culture, which also included Sophistication Slick, his wife at that time — joined up with, adding parts from Great Culture tunes for some of the ultimate Solution’s agreements. (Specifically, on the 1966 rehearsal tapes, you are able to hear parts of the fantastic Society’s “Grimly Forming” and “Dad” lifted practically verbatim.) The discouraged music group split up in 1967, and Fosselius and Knickerbocker continued to function in film. Tapes from the music group, documented in 1966 at rehearsals and live in the Matrix membership in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, perform survive, and here’s wagering that — provided the intense curiosity about psychedelic rock out of this period and place — they’ll start to see the light of time before the majority of you scanning this obtain lowered in to the ground. While not near to the higher echelon occupied by the very best of their SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA peers, a lot of it’s rewarding, especially their most folk-rock-aligned stuff, such as for example “EXACTLY LIKE Silver” and “Blood loss Rose.” On quantities like “SUCH A LONG TIME Goodbye” which garage area rock rush, plus they enter raga-rock on music like “IF YOU’D LIKE,” using a electric guitar Fosselius built by placing a Harmony electric guitar neck of the guitar onto a mandolin. A edition of “Blood loss Rose,” documented at rehearsals with Slick on drums, do emerge on the flexi-disc incorporated with the first problem of the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA rock and roll fanzine Cream Puff Battle in 1991.

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