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Antonelli Electr.

Antonelli Electr., aka Antonelli, may be the best-known alias of Stefan Schwander, among Germany’s most prolific, esteemed, and stylistically different minimal techno/home producers as well as the co-founder from the Cologne-based label Italic. Located in Düsseldorf, Schwander started his recording profession being a bandmember from the Poor Examples (where he performed piano, Hammond body organ, and electric guitar), who released their debut record, Gradual Music (1995), in the label Ata Tak. Following albums with the band are the River, the night time, the Moon, Enticement so you (1997), Elektro Tiki (1999), and Profis Like Us (2002). Schwander produced his solo documenting career like a maker of digital dance music in 1997, debuting as Antonelli Electr. within the label Stewardess using the Handclaps EP. A full-length Antonelli Electr. recording, Peng Peng Baby (1998), adopted. Schwander consequently co-founded the label Italic in cooperation with Marc Knauer and inaugurated it with some four EPs (I Don’t Want No one Else NEVERTHELESS, YOU, Dubby Disco, THE FOUNDATION, Auto Music — all released in 1999) and a full-length recording, Me, the Disco Machine, also released in 1999. Another full-length recording, Click, adopted in 2000, along with many extra EPs. Schwander continuing his Antonelli Electr. result in following years, liberating the albums Like and Additional Solutions (2002), The Blackout Quintet (2005), Soulkiller (2008), plus much more. Furthermore, he adopted other aliases. As Tempo Manufacturer he released the recording Getting (2001) on History Information, along with many EPs. As Do it again Orchestra he released the albums Themes from Do it again (2002) and THE INITIAL Dimensions (2004) within the label Some Course, along with many EPs. LIKE A Rocket in Dub he released the recording If Music Could Chat (2003) on Italic, along with many EPs. As Swimmingpool (a cooperation with Michael Scheibenreiter) he released the albums WHATEVER Doesn’t Move (2003) and CLASSIC Music (2006) on Mixture Information, along with many EPs. As POP-UP (a cooperation with Jörg Burger, aka the Modernist) he released several EPs with an Italic offshoot.

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