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Andreas Raselius

In the approximate age of eighteen. Raselius came into Heidelberg University learning to be a teacher 2 yrs later. He remaining Heidelberg for spiritual factors and became the Kantor at the fitness center in Regensburg. Raselius is known as “the” Protestant Kantor nearly without peer in the late sixteenth hundred years. A lot of his functions were scored designed for the cathedral provider but betray a pedagogical curiosity like “Teutscher Spruche auss den sontaglichen Evangelis durchs gantze Jar.” Raselius was the first ever to compose a routine of motets for the whole cathedral calendar year in German. His chorale music is normally interesting, and more complex than Osiander’s due to the five-voice agreements and the curiosity which Raselius paid to the center voices. The tenor is normally often created with longer respected notation when it kept the cantus firmus. The composer was also acquainted with the Italian penchant for credit scoring for several choir and showed a marked knowledge of alternating homophony and polyphony for effective reasons.

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