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Cornelius Verdonck

This Flemish composer worked in Antwerp being a chorister and in the court chapel of Madrid. He researched at Douai College or university and was students of Severin Cornet in Antwerp. He was back Madrid in 1584 performing in the royal chapel and came back to holland by 1599. Verdonck …

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Andreas Raselius

In the approximate age of eighteen. Raselius came into Heidelberg University learning to be a teacher 2 yrs later. He remaining Heidelberg for spiritual factors and became the Kantor at the fitness center in Regensburg. Raselius is known as “the” Protestant Kantor nearly without peer in the late sixteenth hundred …

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Heinrich Glareanus

Glareanus (1488 – 1563) was an eminent Swiss humanist and music theorist whose Dodekachordon (The Twelve-String Lyre), published in 1547, is undoubtedly among the great Renaissance efforts to music theory. Glareanus is usually mainly known for adding four fresh settings towards the eight middle ages settings (Dorian, Hypodorian, Phrygian, Hypophrygian, …

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