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2 Minutos

Argentinean punk rock-band 2 Minutos was shaped in the past due ’80s, mostly influenced by Uk punk icons and regional los Violadores and Attaque 77. In 1992, the music group participated within a collective record produced by an unbiased label known as Mentes Abiertas using its music “Ya Simply no Sos Igual” and “Arrebato,” registering to Polygram immediately after. In 1994, Valentín Alsina premiered, accompanied by Volvió la Alegria, Vieja. During 2 Minutos’ initial years, the group acquired the opportunity to try out along with main rock acts like the Ramones and Motorhead while these rings were touring SOUTH USA. In 1995, vocalist Mosca, guitarists Luis and Indio, drummer Marcelo, and bassist Papa transferred to the U.S. touring THE UNITED STATES for the very first time. In 1997, Postal 97 premiered and 2 yrs later emerged Dos Minutos de Advertencia and Novedades.

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