We are one of the most bizarre and eclectic outcroppings of NY City’s experimental ambient/dub/hip-hop picture, also the foundation of such performers as DJ Spooky, Sub Dub, Byzar, Liminal, and Brooklyn’s WordSound collective. A trio of overall performance performers with hands in almost twelve different tasks, We evolved from some high-concept multimedia celebrations, night clubs, and gallery exhibitions users Ignacio Platas (Once 11), Gregor Asch (DJ Olive), and Full Panciera (Lloop) constructed over the prior many years. The three fulfilled in 1992 while surviving in Brooklyn, and their initial work together beneath the name Lalalandia Entertainment Analysis Corporation included occasions tossed in retired mustard plant life and meat-packing warehouses. In 1994, the group started some multimedia style and music installations beneath the name Multipolyomni (including an enormous piece for Innovative Times’ Art on the Anchorage series entitled “Early Aquatic Event”), and We grew from the musical end of this. Their initial monitors made an appearance on WordSound’s compilation Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Vol. 1 and Virgin’s second installment of Macro Dub An infection, the latter which positioned them together with such edge-leading electronica performers as Costs Laswell, Techno Pet, Zulutronic, and Alec Empire. The group agreed upon with the brand new York-based Asphodel label immediately after, and their debut LP, As Is normally, was released within the springtime of 1997. The Square Reason behind Minus One implemented in 1999, with Decentertainment showing up one year afterwards. Also involved with NYC’s radiant downtown experimental music picture, two of We’s three associates also perform with guitarist Danny Blume beneath the name Liminal. We’ve also remixed monitors for Arto Lindsay, Totally free Kitten, Tipsy, and Medeski, Martin, and Hardwood.

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