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The Penthouse 5

The Penthouse 5 were among a large number of unsung rings floating around Tx within the mid-’60s. In line with the documented evidence, however, these were also among the great types; lots of functions state the Beatles as motivation, however the Penthouse 5 translated the Beatles (and, somewhat, the Byrds) impact into garage rock and roll terms about in addition to some of them. The mixture of Beatles-like harmonies, crunchy guitars, and pumping, milling Farfisa organ is normally compelling and generally astonishing in its information and nuances. Justin Dark brown (lead electric guitar), Rob Graham (vocals), Tag Porter (drums), Steve Hardwood (electric guitar, vocals, keyboards), and Costs Looney (bass) arrived of Oak Cliff, not really definately not where Stevie Ray Vaughan hailed. These were section of an orbit of Beatles- and folk-rock-influenced music artists in the region that included songwriter Ron Cost, who composed “Don’t FOOL AROUND with My Wish, ” the B-side from the Penthouse 5’s debut one, “Bad Gal,” and Jon Williams, who was simply with a music group known as the By Fives and using the WordD. By 1967, inner conflicts had powered Dark brown, Graham, and Porter from the Penthouse 5’s lineup, plus they had been been successful by Jon Williams (vocals, keyboards, harmonica), Richard “Lurch” Keathley (business lead electric guitar, vocals) — who acquired both result from the Dallas-based the WordD — and Mike Echart (drums). The brand new music group, renamed the Penthouse, produced another half-dozen information with manufacturer Edward Greines; the Beatles impact was still discernable on music like “You’re Gonna Make Me,” however the reconstituted Penthouse was even more self-consciously large and critical, and cut singles for the Solar and Hawk brands. By the finish of 1967, nevertheless, the music group had split as Steve Hardwood transferred to California, where he led a music group called the brand new Life (who arrive for the soundtrack from the Sidehackers, a Gus Trikonis film that consequently provided Mystery Technology Theatre 3000 with maybe its funniest non-sci-fi occasions), and used Kenny Loggins. All of those other group remaining the music business.

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