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The Fair Sex


The Good Sex formed in Essen, Germany, in 1985 to combine electronic synth and guitars; the group released many albums through the past due ’80s, gradually growing their group of fans into France, holland and Belgium. Founding people Myk Jung and Rascal Nikov also function in Testify.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Fair Sex
Music Songs Not Now Not Here, The House of Unkinds, Hanging in Kareyth, No Excuse, Vanished Joy, Madadonia, Outraged and Moved, Cyberbite, The Pain That Noone Knows, Fat Bellies' Hunger, Divine Service, What's To Be Done Now, Soulspirit, Alyens, Bushman, Compassion / Grief, Casket Tower, The Odour of Rottenness, Sister Anger, The Black Anger, The Wild Ones Fade, Nervous Jesus, What the Devil, Beautiful Nightmare: The Number One, Mother Restless, That's It, Pristine Prater, Bushman '90, Eat Me, The Naked and the Dead, Electronic New Self, Soulspirit: Antifascism
Albums Bite Release Bite, Spell of Joy, Demented Forms, Fine, We Are Alive, Oddities. A Compilation, TFS, The House of Unkinds, Drop Your Anxiety, Machine Bites, The Dark Ages

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