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The Evolution Control Committee

Development Control Committee is among the stage names of Tag Gunderson, a musician, performance artist, digital manipulator, and provocateur who in addition has performed within the Strange Lovemakers, the Feeling Swingers, Gaga, Mellodeath, and DJ Pantshead. Development Control Committee may be the longest-lived of Gunderson’s many tasks, having were only available in the first ’90s like a tape manipulation task. Gunderson utilized a cheapo dual cassette deck along with a four-track recorder to by hand edit collectively the songs for his early cassette-only produces Buddha Bleach (1990), THE FINAL Shopping mall (1991) and Gunderphonic (1994), that have been modestly improved by his sampling key pad and trusty Amiga. This early materials was largely led by the soul of early Negativland: it had been clever enough to create up for having less polish, and it had been generally humorous plenty of overall that the casual directed barb was still well-received. Using the release from the Gunderphonic cassette, people began to pay attention, because of the addition of a set of monitors that matched Community Foe vocals up with Supplement Alpert instrumentals. Many who are aware of the “mashup” or “bootleg” genre (circa 2001/2002) credit Gunderson among the forefathers from the style; actually, the ECC monitor “Rebel With out a Pause (Whipped Cream combine)” has made an appearance on many compilation albums, usually filled with monitors come up with seven years afterwards. Following the minimal stir due to the release of the groundbreaking monitors, Gunderson capitalized on his newfound popularity by, well, laying low. He performed around Columbus under a number of different names, with a number of different collaborators. Still, over the last fifty percent of the ’90s, Progression Control Committee released a video known as The Television WILL NEVER BE Revolutionized (a specifically edited subliminal cassette which was either motivational or demotivational based on which aspect you performed), the Small Discstructions cassette, as well as the initial ECC CD discharge Increase the Phat but still Tasteless. 1999 noticed the discharge of Evolution Control Committee’s most contentious discharge, the “Rocked by Rape” solitary. The track presented several months well worth of Dan Rather newscasts whittled right down to simply probably the most inflammatory and overwritten soundbytes, positioned on top of the hacked-up edition of AC/DC’s traditional “Back Black.” It had been a monitor that got lawsuit written around it, and quickly later on, Gunderson was released a cease-and-desist purchase from CBS Information. Gunderson performed the “reasonable use” cards and the problem seemed to disappear completely. The event got the eye of longtime ECC heroes Negativland, who not merely wrote a notice to CBS to get Advancement Control Committee, but additionally released Advancement Control Committee’s second full-length Compact disc, Plagiarhythm Country, Vol. 2.0, on Negativland’s label, Seeland.

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