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Wye Oak

Wye Oak, a Baltimore-based indie rock and roll duo comprising Jenn Wasner (electric guitar, vocals) and Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, vocals), took their name from a symbolic 460-year-old tree within their house condition of Maryland. Produced in 2006 beneath the moniker Monarch, Wasner and Stack documented their first record in …

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Hate Eternal

Founded in the past due ’90s, Hate Eternal are an amelodic, ultra-fast death steel/grindcore group led by former Morbid Angel and Ripping Corpse guitarist Erik Rutan. While those rings employed Rutan totally being a guitarist, Hate Eternal provided a big change for Rutan for the reason that the group discovered …

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Hailing from the city of Bayonne, within the Basque region of southern France, the light-shirking demons referred to as Monarch! focus on improbably sluggish and sludgy drone-doom, within the semblance of (but frequently actually harsher than) Khanate, Corrupted, and Rigor Sardonicus. Created in 2004 by vocalist Emilie Bresson (aka Eurogirl), …

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