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The Tuaregs traditionally occupied a big swath of property stretching from southern Libya and southern Algeria towards the northern portions of Mali and Niger in addition to elements of Burkina Faso. These were a nomadic people, and therefore unable to place state to any particular geographic region as a normal …

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Pip Pyle

Drummer Pip Pyle have been involved with a lot of Canterbury scene rings that certain interviewer asked the entirely valid issue, “How could it be you never were able to play with Soft Machine?” (“Well, I under no circumstances got asked, I assume” was Pyle’s reply). He wasn’t there at …

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Cheikha Remitti

The unrivaled queen of Algerian rai music, Cheikha Rimitti was probably one of the most beloved and controversial singers from the Islamic world, challenging deeply ingrained notions of sex, politics, and femininity with such candor and ferocity that she was ultimately forced into exile. Given birth to May 8, 1923, …

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Ibeyi (pronounced ee-bey-ee) may be the Parisian music duo of twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz, who meld component of Afro-Cuban root base music and electro doom soul. Their name originates from the Yoruban vocabulary and means “twins.” Both were blessed in Cuba, and sing in both British and Yoruban. …

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Lilly Wood & the Prick

Having a name designed to “reveal the transition from childhood to adulthood,” Lilly Wood & the Prick certainly are a French duo whose fusion of electro, folk, new wave, and funk with simplistic poetic lyrics has earmarked them among the country’s most enchanting pop acts. Shaped in 2006, French-Israeli vocalist …

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Jacques Lanzmann

Novelist and editor Jacques Lanzmann remains to be best-known in his local France while the longtime lyrical collaborator of pop idol Jacques Dutronc, composing some now-classic songs which were the soundtrack accompanying the college student uprisings from the past due 1960s. Created in Bois-Colombe, France on, may 4, 1927, Lanzmann …

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