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Del Rio Sisters

Although they have yet to accomplish a cameo on the commercial for wireless phone service, the Del Rio Sisters have already been in comparison to Charo with regards to Afro-Cuban music that is watered down such as a glass of whiskey purchased for the “hostess” at a bar in NEVADA. Another name that arises for comparative reasons is certainly comedian and bandleader Desi Arnaz, but from what small is well known about the vocal group it looks like the Del Rio Sisters actually acquired about as very much true Latin articles as Arnaz’s wife, Lucille Ball. The group’s name was the most Latin-sounding issue about it, as well as that was phony. No one in the group was called Del Rio. Sophistication Givens and Gloria Givens may have been sisters, although they may possibly also have already been cousins. The various other associates of the group, Georgia Lee Holston and Shirley Kee, weren’t related in any way. The last mentioned member’s last name favorably begs for the pun about performing in tune. Actually, it could be suggested a regular functionality with this group might start out with somebody Givens the Kee. Accounts of at least among the group’s documenting sessions indicate this may not be considered a subject matter worthy of joking about, at least before the producer. In cases like this that was Joe Davis, who place the Del Rio Sisters in the studio room in 1953 for the program that was scrapped after two music. The gals’ variations of “Great as Wines” and “Why MUST I Cry Over You” had been never released at that time, although the afterwards demand for monitors to fill several oldies compilations led to less demanding creation requirements. Broadcasts of classic ’50s material of the anthropological nature have grown to be the primary possibility to hear the Del Rio Sisters’ recordings.

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