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Rex Stewart

Rex Stewart achieved his biggest glory inside a subsidiary part, performing cornet 11 years in the Duke Ellington Orchestra. His popular “speaking” design and half-valve results had been exploited brilliantly by countless Ellington items containing ideal passages customized to display Stewart’s audio. He played inside a forceful, gripping way that …

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Lester Lanin & His Orchestra

b. Nathaniel Lester Lanin, 26 August 1907, Philadelphia, Pa, USA, d. 27 Oct 2004, NEW YORK, NY, USA. Lanin was created into a huge and incredibly musical family members. His grandfather was a music group innovator in Philadelphia as was his dad, Benjamin Lanin. As much as six of his …

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Gladys Bentley

Gladys Bentley was created August 12, 1907 (some accounts list the birthday as January 12), in Philadelphia, PA. As a woman she transferred to NY City’s well-known Harlem region, where, dressed up in her personal tuxedo and best hat, she started singing at lease celebrations and speakeasies, creating a graphic …

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Benny Payne

Benny Payne’s primary claim to popularity is the fact that he was Cab Calloway’s regular pianist through the singer’s excellent years, although Payne had an extended profession both before and after his association with Cab. Payne started playing piano when he was 12, functioning as an organist in a Philadelphia …

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