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Michel de la Barre

Within the corpus of musical literature by this People from france flutist and composer, stage ballets and vocal music had been minimal significant. The melodies from a few of these particular items, however, had been copied into manuscripts and utilized by various other composers and performers. La Barre was in …

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Martino Bitti

A restricted composer in Italy, Bitti served simply because violinist for the Grand Duke Cosimo III of Tuscany. He also provided shows for Ferdinando de’Medici in operas, personal concerts and afterwards in oratorios. Vocal functions related to him consist of arias and cantatas and instrumental sonatas and concertos.

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Giuseppe Gazzaniga

Gazzaniga studied music inside a clandestine style before the loss of life of his dad who didn’t want him to pursue music. After learning with Porpora in Venice, by using his patron he was allowed to study structure with Piccinni. Planing a trip to Naples he made up the comic …

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Franz Nikolaus Novotny

Novotny had not been a musician of great transfer but he did succeed his dad while organist for the Esterhazy courtroom. His compositions, a lot of that have been compositions for the cathedral and many which are extant, had been lauded by Haydn who performed the compositions.

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