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Ignaz Holzbauer

Holzbauer was generally a self-taught musician learning from the functions of Fux, particularly “Gradus advertisement Parnassum.” Musical schooling was also pursued by Holzbauer through the learners of St Stephen’s where he searched for instruction for performing, and playing the violin, cello and piano. He traveled from Vienna to Venice and …

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Gaetano Latilla

Latilla composed comic operas, serious operas plus some instrumental quartets even though he is at London. Nearly all his functions aren’t in tact and it cn become presumed that since he was useful for vast majority of his existence in the chapel or with charitable organizations that he made up …

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Johann Nicolaus Hanff

Mattheson was a structure and keyboard pupil of Hanff in Hamburg. Hanff was a courtroom organist towards the Prince-bishop of Lubeck before 1696. He came back to Hamburg in 1705 and had taken the position from the cathedral organist at Schleswig in 1711. The just compositions that survive are three …

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Ferdinand Tobias Richter

As the court organist for Leopold I, 1683, Richter taught the kids from the emperor, and, subsequently, two into the future emperors of Austria, Joseph I and Karl VI. Ahead of his service in the royal courtroom, Richter was the organist at a Cistercian monastery and a prefect for the …

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Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor

The Holy Roman Emperor from the Hapsburg dynasty was the hereditary ruler of Hungary. In 1690 he was crowned the Ruler of Rome in Augsburg. A patron from the arts and students of Pinner in harpsichord, flute and additional instruments, Joseph preferred the dance as well as the aria. Between …

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