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Ferdinand Tobias Richter

As the court organist for Leopold I, 1683, Richter taught the kids from the emperor, and, subsequently, two into the future emperors of Austria, Joseph I and Karl VI. Ahead of his service in the royal courtroom, Richter was the organist at a Cistercian monastery and a prefect for the choirboys. As an organist and composer Richter was extremely well known for his key pad music. The items that he obtained for the key pad were mainly suites that began having a prelude and fugue and continuing through different dance forms. His compositions had been affected by Froberger and Poglietti aswell as the brand new designs emanating from Fux. Through the Counter-Reformation Ricther’s compositions for the Latin college plays were efficiently utilized to promulgate the concepts from the Chapel and gained tremendous support in Austria through the seventeenth century.

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