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Pietro Paolo Melli

Pietro Melli composed for the device which he played, the lute. He was an associate from the imperial courtroom orchestra in Vienna in the entire year 1612. Melli offered the courtroom from the Emperor Matthias and was also maintained by Ferdinand II, 1619. Income registers show that Melli was an …

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Melchior Franck

Melchior Franck was probably one of the most essential German composers of the start of the Baroque period. He sought ways to reconcile the intricate character from the Catholic motet to Lutheran worship, and had written huge amounts of sacred and instrumental music. His dad, Hans, was a painter. He …

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John Johnson

John Johnson was perhaps one of the most important British composers and performers of lute music in the Renaissance period. His music blended Italianate and British elements to produce an individual design, specifically inventive in the world of deviation. Many respect him as the creator of the British college of …

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