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Richard Farrant

Performing in the chorus for Edward VI and Mary Tudor, Farrant became a composer and musician like a Master from the Chapel Royal in Windsor. His compositions included several secular consort tracks, and dramatic parts for the Queen to become presented every wintertime. Unfortunately non-e of Farrant’s has are extant …

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Antonio Carreira

A Portugese composer and organist who patterned a lot of his very own stylings after those of the Spaniard Hernando de Cabezon. His key pad music also shown a number of the elements of various other European academic institutions. Antonio may possess begun a couple of variants only indicated with …

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Baldassare Donato

As the successor to Zarlino, the influence could be apprehended in Donato’s compositions. Being truly a singer perhaps supplied the inspiration that produced Donato the singularly greatest secular author of his period. His madrigals and motets are up to date by quality spirited rhythmic accents, lucid patterns and developing diatonic …

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Girolamo Cavazzoni

Girolamo Cavazzoni was a significant Italian composer in the 16th century who was simply known for his body organ music and sacred vocal functions. The kid of composer Marco Antonio Cavazzoni, he was also an achieved organist and among the leading key pad instructors of his time. Despite some dilemma …

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