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Tackey & Tsubasa

A Japanese male “idol” duo beneath the leadership of impresario Johnny & Associates, Tackey & Tsubasa (Hideaki Takizawa and Tsubasa Imai) were originally backup dancers for additional organizations in the Johnny “steady” of pop organizations before finally obtaining solo places on a number of the bundle tours run from the administration firm. In 2002, the program was to bring in them officially as single artists, but enthusiasts started a letter-writing marketing campaign and — because of many well-known duets sung by both at some Johnny & Associates-sponsored displays — it had been determined that both should be advertised as an organization. Their debut mini-album, Hatachi, premiered in Sept of 2002, and their 1st full-length adopted in 2004. The duo released several singles, the majority of which were number 1 hits, aswell as hosting tv variety displays and performing in dramatic displays.

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