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Slowpho began in 1997 when Kjetil Nordhus and Christian Watkins united about an admiration for the downtempo trip-hop audio which was en vogue at that time. Later that 12 months, they were became a member of by vocalist Hilde Drange, and then possess Nordhus depart (he’d eventually resurface because the vocalist of Norwegian artwork metallic rockers Green Carnation). But Watkins and Drange soldiered on, and by 1999 Slowpho was carrying out live, showcasing an audio that wavered somewhere within trip-hop and drum’n’bass. The Lovetech EP found its way to 2001 like a joint launch between Groovecentral and Beatservice; Slowpho also began to show up on compilations, including Arctic Circles 3 with fellow Norwegian digital experimenters Röyksopp. The full-length debut Hi-Fi Seems for Youthful Norwegians made an appearance on Beatservice in early 2002, and was lauded within the electronica underground because of its smooth combination of nu-jazz, downtempo groove, minimalist textures, and Drange’s honeyed vocals. A global tour adopted. In March 2003, Hi-Fi Seems was re-released by Drinking water Music offering two additional songs — “Sovenier” and “I Wake Myself” — in addition to remixes of three additional songs around the record.

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