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Robert Henderson

No-one is much more likely to end up being the odd guy out at a jam program involving all of the many music artists around named Robert Henderson, Bob Henderson, or Bobby Henderson than Calgary’s Robert Henderson. He’s a bagpiper, therefore immediately gets credit for keeping the end of his chanter from obtaining iced over in the neighborhood climate, considering wintertime temperature ranges in Alberta occasionally secure at well below zero for weeks at the same time. He still may have got the cold make from a jazz pianist such as for example Bobby Henderson. Never to end up being confused using the various other Henderson who performed French horn on Judy Collins’ information, to mention another, the R. Henderson also arranges traditional Scottish marching music group material for an organization whose name may be the the Regimental Pipes, Drums and Music group from the Calgary Highlanders. Frequently part of regional festivities that blithely combine the Scottish immigrant and rodeo cowboy civilizations, Henderson and collaborators such as for example Andy Cairns and fellow arranger Bruce MacKay need to accept whatever highlands their prairie outpost provides — if close by Nose Hill won’t perform, they can march to the Canadian Rockies.

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