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New Coon Creek Girls

Shaped by John Lair in 1979, the brand new Coon Creek Girls continued the bluegrass tradition set up by Lair’s original Coon Creek Girls in the 1930s. Just like he had using the first group, Lair marketed the brand new Coon Creek Women through his radio present and concert hall, the Renfro Valley Barn Dance. Guitarist and banjoist Vicki Simmons was among the initial performers to to remain towards the group. Besides her musical skill, Simmons also got a link with the initial Coon Creek Female, Lilly Mae Ledford, who got trained her the clawhammer banjo design. As the NCCG lineup would fluctuate over time, Simmons was often a continuing. The band continued to be on Lair’s present until 1983, of which stage they struck from their own. Through the entire 1980s and ’90s, girls were a favorite attraction in the bluegrass and folk celebration circuit. By 1991, the lineup included Simmons, banjoist Ramona Cathedral Taylor, vocalist and guitarist Dale Ann Bradley, and Pam Perry on vocals and mandolin. This lineup released 1994’s The L&N Don’t Prevent Here Anymore aswell as Ain’t Like a very important thing a 12 months later on. The mandolin of Deanie Richardson changed Perry’s for 1996’s ALL YOU Perform, but Perry and Richardson both made an appearance on Our Perspective two years later on. By this aspect, Bradley and Simmons had been playing in another combo, just known as Coon Creek. Teenage fiddling feeling Kati Penn also added to latter-day NCCG recordings.

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