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Michiya Mihashi

b. Michiya Kitazawa, 10 November 1930, Hakodate, Hokkaidô, Japan. After a long time of schooling as a specialist vocalist of Japanese folk tracks, Mihashi was agreed upon by King Information as a vocalist of kayôkyoku (previously the most frequent and typically Japanese type of well-known song) using a debut one, ‘Sake No Nigasa Yo’ (‘A Bitter Flavor Of Sake’) in 1954. You start with ‘On ’Na Sendô Uta’ (‘A Tune Of A LADY Boatman’) in 1955, he been successful numerous ‘home-pining’ tracks in the past due 50s, including ‘Ringo-Mura Kara’ (‘From The Apple Community’), ‘Osaraba Tokyo’ (‘Goodbye Tokyo’) and ‘Akai Yûi No Kokyô (‘My Hometown WITH ALL THE Crimson Sunset’). These tracks were particularly popular amonst the youthful workers who got streamed into huge metropolitan areas from rural areas. His sinus tenor, similar to his history in folk performing, as well as the nostalgic character of his tracks had been familiar to Japanese households a minimum of until the past due 70s.

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