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An surroundings drumming- and surroundings guitar-friendly indie rock-band with strong mathematics rock tendencies, Storage Map was shaped in October 2009 by skilled Bloomington, Indiana musicians previously and concurrently in various other Indiana bands. Quickly going with the name Vacation Music group, the group includes vocalist/bassist Mike Dixon, guitarists Matt Tobey and Mike Bridavsky, and drummer Josh Morrow. Originally entitled Storage Map by Vacation Band but turned to Vacation Band by Storage Map following the risk of legal actions by a music group from the same name, their debut record appeared on Joyful Sound in the planting season of 2011. A yr later, with debt and battling to maintain his recording studio room Russian Recording running a business, Bridavsky discovered from a pal that a picture of 1 of his save cats had opted viral. THE WEB feeling Lil BUB was created, followed by Television looks, a 2013 documentary entitled Lil Bub & Friendz, and merchandising that helped to save lots of Bridavsky’s studio. Memory space Map’s second LP, 2014’s Sky aswell as Space, was documented and combined by Bridavsky at Russian Documenting. In past due 2015, Lil BUB released her personal recording, Technology & Magic, compiled by Tobey and made by Bridavsky.

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