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Masahiko Kono

Fans of Japan free jazz might think that they’ve come upon one particular marquees where they ran out of words, as well as the brass appeal is actually Toshinori Kondo. Well, yes sensai, gleam trombonist with the name of Masahiko Kono using a wayback connection: that flashy superstar of japan free music picture with the excess “d” in his name. Kono was a music pupil of Kondo’s in the first ’70s, having discovered both flute and trumpet. The sound of his professor’s virtuoso trumpet function inspired him to look at avant-garde improvisation at duration, which is certainly where he fell deeply in love with the trombone as manipulated by players like the English Paul Rutherford, who released among the 1st albums of single trombone improvisation. Blustery, jazzier Roswell Rudd was another impact, as well, and Kono offers always held his experience for jazz, although his participation with mainstream playing continues to be slight. His 1st music group efforts had been the parallel advancement of his personal music group, Tree Which, and his regular membership in Kondo’s Development Ensemble Device, which also presented the important Japanese bassist Yoshizawa Motoharu. The impact of his previous teacher loomed huge, at least for awhile. From the middle-’70s, Kondo was creating wildly anarchistic music in units without preconcieved framework and philosophizing about “best benefit: no meaning,” therefore Kono followed match with multiple mutes, quickly shifting textures, so that as intentionally unswinging a strategy as Rutherford’s toughest music. When Kondo proceeded to go electrical, the suppliers of digital results racks and whatnot found a supplementary sale from Kono, who discovered himself in a position to create whole parts of trombones or task a duplicating loop in to the critic’s query of eternity. Equipped with each one of these talents, he previously shifted his foundation from Tokyo to NY in 1980; exactly like Kondo experienced done a couple of years before. However when the mentor magnifico returned to Tokyo and became a mixture newspapers columnist, television-commercial subject matter, and character professional in yakuza epics, there is no Kono puffing along behind. He remained in Brooklyn, and like lots of the NY area’s greatest players provides burbled along effectively in the deep history, becoming a scorching item for per month or two before getting spat out undigested with the critics. In the past due ’90s, he begun to display remarkable charm being a big music group player, you start with regular appearences in bassist William Parker’s Small Huey Innovative Music Orchestra and carrying on in an organization arranged by pianist Cecil Taylor. In the previous outfit, his digital setup is totally inspired, and Kono is fairly impressive maintaining the acoustic chops of his affiliates in the trombone section, while dipping into digital gestures using a satisfaction at having been therefore busy in a lot of areas. He in addition has documented with Japanese avant-garde musician Kato Hideki, intensely pushing the consumer electronics in this framework, and performed on the Visions Celebration with Zusaan Kali Fasteau.

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