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Marina Lima

Starting her job before Brazilian rock and roll from the ’80s was commercially ripe, Marina Lima observed its creation from a privileged standpoint and participated within it as an effective pop star since 1984. Her most regular partner continues to be her sibling, philosopher Antônio Cícero. Her biggest strikes are “Fullgás” (Marina/Antônio Cícero), “À Francesa” (Marina/Antônio Cícero), “Pra Arriveçar” (Marina/Antônio Cícero), “Nada Por Mim” (Herbert Viana/Paula Toller), “European union Te Amo Você” (Kiko Zambianchi), “Ainda É Cedo,” “Não Sei Dançar,” and “Uma Noite e Meia.” Her eclectic repertory features rock-tinged pop-dance music, blues, bossa nova, an average samba-canção melancholy, and an extremely small pinch of jazz. From five to 12, she resided in the U.S. where her dad proved helpful, and was trained to learn in British before Portuguese. Drawn to psychoanalysis and music, Marina Lima (simply Marina at that time; she added her surname to her stage name within the ’90s) began to create songs, deciding on earning money with this profession when Gal Costa documented her “Meu Doce Amor” in 1977. Another year she created a music group that experienced a drummer who be connected using the creation as well as the advancement of the Brazilian rock and roll from the ’80s, Lobão. Ricardo Barreto (acoustic guitar), Guto Barros (acoustic guitar), Zé Luís (sax), and Junno Homrich (bass) would also take part in that historical moment (they later on became musicians from the seminal Brazilian rock-band Blitz) because they had been also in her music group before the fresh genre required Brazil. Marina’s 1st solo recording, Simples Como Fogo (1979), currently brought originals within the pop/rock and roll style that could become mainstream within the next 10 years. But her 1st hit arrived in 1984, with “Fullgás,” which experienced success using the name monitor “Me Chama” (Lobão) and “Mesmo que Seja European union” (Roberto Carlos/Erasmo Carlos, right here having its indicating altered like a confession of her bisexuality). 3 years later on, she appeared within the film Rádio Pirata (Lael Rodrigues) performing the primary theme, which she also made up. With 15 albums released in Brazil as 2000, others had been launched specifically for the American marketplace and dominated an interval in which stress provoked a lack of tone of voice; Marina Lima is among the biggest divas of Brazilian rock and roll.

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