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John Ewing

John Ewing gets a drum credit around the Destroy L.A. recording by hardcore punk music group Pressure. If destroying LA was a classic goal, perhaps it had been just an excessive amount of pressure for Pressure, detailing why the group didn’t see through several releases regardless of the existence of picture veterans such as for example Chuck Treece and Ray Rodriguez. You will find nagging queries, as there usually will become with any try to destroy LA. (An recording with such a harmful title is usually no big offer, incidentally, there is a good magazine known as Destroy LA. Some punk scholars question a Ewing existence at all, directing out that on Pressure’s Hardcore Origins recording you will find credits to get a songwriting group of Ehling/Muttaqui/Treece on cheerful game titles such as for example “Globe of Discomfort” and two variations of “Murderers.” In the spelling-challenged globe of liner records, your brain boggles not really at “Ehling” getting “Ewing,” or vice-versa. Nevertheless, Dominic Ehling may be the group’s bassist upon this documenting, hence the credit is certainly accurate as published. Drummer Treece may have relinquished his throne to a music group outsider in your time and effort to Destroy L.A., but was the visitor drummer in fact engineer John Ewing, Jr.? Or could it be his dad? At least it really is surely not really the jazz musician delivered in 1917, nor the program guy on ’90s Tina Turner item.

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