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Jan St. Werner

Best known as you fifty percent of the innovative German electronic duo Mouse about Mars, Jan St. Werner (created Jan Stephan Werner in Nuremberg, Germany in 1969) also pursued a single profession as Lithops and under his personal name. His single work in fact predates Mouse on Mars, using the 1992 recording Slow (in cooperation with F.X. Randomiz) and two limited self-released cassettes showing up ahead of MoM’s 1994 debut. He started liberating music as Lithops within the middle-’90s (around enough time of his cooperation with Markus Popp, Microstoria), issuing many singles and two full-lengths, Umi Device and Didot, by the finish of the 10 years. Despite Werner’s use Mouse on Mars as well as the duo’s spinoff task using the Fall’s Tag E. Smith, Von Südenfed, Lithops’ result continued at a reliable pace within the 2000s, including albums like Scrypt as well as the two-part discharge Mound Magnet in addition to compilations such as for example Inquiries and Ye Viols! Through the 2000s, Werner also acted because the creative movie director for Amsterdam’s Institute for Electronic Music. In 2013, St. Werner released Blaze Color Burn, the to begin some experimental releases known as Fiepblatter, on Thrill Jockey. The next quantity, the limited cassette-only discharge Transcendental Animal Quantities, which used severe dynamic and regularity shifts to approximate the arbitrary however organic quality of field recordings, made an appearance later that calendar year. A restricted 10″ single known as “Split Pet Sculpture” was released by Infinite Greyscale in 2014. In 2015, Werner collaborated with associates of Globe, Oval, and Bo Ningen on Miscontinuum Record, which had recently been performed as an opera and radio play in the four years ahead of its discharge. The 4th Fiepblatter discharge, Felder, made an appearance in 2016. The record was made to end up being performed being a open public installation, using the artists absolve to interpret the task as they desire.

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