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James Reynolds

The brand new age composer and multi-instrumentalist James Reynolds is featured on significant amounts of material released in a bit more when compared to a decade from the past due ’80s with the Miramar label. Structured out of Seattle, activity as of this posting firm was generally initiated by David Lanz and Paul Speer, fellow performers within this meditative genre. Through the Miramar heyday in the middle-’90s, best performers in modern and digital music were placing out tasks over the label, like the renowned Tangerine Wish. Reynolds, a classically educated percussionist, made his own group of tasks including Mind’s Eyes. This award-winning structure really should be experienced in video type, since it allowed the composer to utilize images made by a huge selection of pc animators. Furthermore, Reynolds added on instruments such as for example synthesizer and percussion to edges by various other Miramar performers including Lanz aswell as the prolific duo of Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel. Regardless of the popularity of the genre, Miramar proceeded to go under before the brand-new millennium. Some Miramar performers took legal techniques to reclaim control of their functions; otherwise, this comprehensive and respected modern catalog continues to be out of printing.

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