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Jair do Cavaquinho

A member from the Portela samba college since he was seven and person in the Velha Guarda da Portela since 1970, Jair carry out Cavaquinho wrote “Meu Barracão de Zinco,” the samba which produced him famous outdoors his community when it had been chosen to stand for the samba college in 1962. Among his strikes are “Tudo em Vão,” documented by Nara Leão, and “Fim perform Nosso Amor,” documented by Norimar. In 1965, Perform Cavaquinho was paid tribute, with Elizeth Cardoso, within a ceremony on the Municipal Movie theater of Rio de Janeiro. Paulinho da Viola documented for the very first time with one of is own tracks, “Sonho Triste,” for the LP A Voz perform Morro, Vol. 1. Praised by Jacob perform Bandolim as the very best accompanist on the cavaquinho, Perform Cavaquinho participated with a few of the most essential and historic samba functions like Rosa de Ouro, A Voz perform Morro, and Operating-system Cinco Crioulos, and experienced as his companions sambistas like Nelson Cavaquinho, Zé Kéti (“Maria”), and Nelson Sargento. Given birth to in the Madureira suburb, Jair perform Cavaquinho frequented the Portela samba college beginning at age seven, used by his mom and old sisters, who paraded in the Ala das Baianas. He trained himself to try out an instrument he previously constructed, it resembled a cavaquinho. In 1962, his 1st structure, “Barracão de Zinco,” was documented by Jamelão. In 1965, Perform Cavaquinho participated in both volumes from the LP A Voz perform Morro. With Nelson Cavaquinho, he published “Vou Partir,” “European union e As Flores,” and “Enquanto a Cidade Dorme,” the second option documented by Haroldo Santos. With Nelson Sargento, he published “Ela Deixou,” documented by Elizeth Cardoso on her behalf Elizeth Sobe o Morro. Cardoso documented on a single recording another four compositions of his: “Pecadora,” “Vou Partir,” “European union e As Flores,” and “Meu Viver.” In 1965, Perform Cavaquinho participated with Paulinho da Viola, Elton Medeiros, Nelson Sargento, and Anescar perform Salgueiro in the musical Rosa de Ouro, structured by Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, which relaunched Araci Cortes and launched Clementina de Jesus. Perform Cavaquinho also participated in the group Voz perform Morro, with Zé Kéti, Oscar Bigode, José Cruz, Nelson Sargento, Paulinho da Viola, Anescar perform Salgueiro, and Elton Medeiros; they documented the LPs Roda de Samba, Vol. 1, which experienced his “Pecadora” (created with Joãozinho) and “Meu Viver” (created with Elton Medeiros/Kleber Santos), and Roda de Samba, Vol. 2. In 1967, his structure “E a Rosa Voltou” was documented around the LP Rosa de Ouro, Vol. 2. Still in 1967, he participated in the group Operating-system Cinco Crioulos. In 1969, his samba-enredo “Treze Naus” received the internal competition of Portela, having been offered by the institution in the annual parade. In the ’70s, he also participated, with composers of various other samba institutions, in the group Cinco Só. In 2000, Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz documented “Enquanto a Cidade Dorme” on his Compact disc Uma Geografia Popular. In 2001, Perform Cavaquinho performed with Dauro perform Salgueiro, Nei Lopes, Nelson Sargento, Dona Ivone Lara, Baianinho, Niltinho Tristeza, Casquinha, Zé Luiz, Nilton Campolino, Monarco, Elton Medeiros, Luiz Grande, Jurandir da Mangueira, and Aluízio Machado inside a display and on the Compact disc for this, Meninos perform Rio, in the Banco perform Brasil culture middle, in Rio de Janeiro.

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