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Geeez ‘N’ Gosh

Among his a great many other monikers, Uwe Schmidt performed as Geeez ‘n’ Gosh, a name he put on his glitch-house recordings for Mille Plateaux. You start with MY ENTIRE LIFE With Jesus (2000), Schmidt got the motifs of gospel home — Christian rhetoric and celebratory home music — and interpreted it within a glitch design. The ensuing music isn’t large on Christian rhetoric aside from the periodic sample occasionally, but the product packaging and song game titles undoubtedly are. You’re still left to determine precisely how ironic Schmidt has been right here since he provides the gospel rhetoric with this kind of straight encounter. This ambiguity models the Geeez ‘n’ Gosh produces aside from most glitch albums, which have a tendency to end up being brief on such inquisitive conceptualism.

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