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A dark metal music group from Kiel, Germany, Endstille were founded in the entire year 2000 by vocalist Iblis, guitarist Lars Wachtfels, bassist Cruor, and drummer Mayhemic Destructor (no, really!), the last mentioned threesome having currently played together within the underground music group Tauthr. United with the objective to perpetrate — within their terms — “the ugliest intense dark metal using the fire-speed of the MG42 and the energy of weighty ship-artillery” (!), Endstille offered a number of the fastest, most remorselessly single-minded dark metallic onslaughts ever documented on ensuing albums like Procedure Wintersturm (2002), Frühlingserwachen (2003), Dominanz (2004), and Navigator (2005) — most of them released through Sweden’s Regain Information. As their general public profile grew, Endstille’s peculiar penchant for explaining infamous German weaponry from Globe War II within their lyrics led some critics to query their politics alliances, however the group vehemently refuted any right-wing plan regardless of eyebrow-raising following offerings like 2006’s Lauschangriff EP (a break up with satanic dark metallers Graupel), 2007’s Endstilles Reich, and 2009’s Verführer.

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