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During their 1986 debut album, The Son of Odin, London’s Elixir received the dubious distinction to be among the last bands to become broadly associated, tagged in the event that you will, using the currently mainly in disuse New Wave of British ROCK categorization. Obviously credited in part towards the musical features on display, this is also the consequence of their having been created dating back to 1983, when the motion was still peaking, and guitarist Phil Denton as well as the Dobbs brothers, Kevin (bass) and Nigel (drums), 1st started working collectively under such short-lived monikers as Purgatory and Hellfire. By the finish of the next 12 months, vocalist Paul Taylor (ex-Midas) and Irish guitarist Norman Gordon experienced also became a member of the team, as well as the officially renamed Elixir could possibly be found positively storming the phases of London’s pubs and night clubs alongside fellow N.W.O.B.H.M. latecomers like Tokyo Knife and Chariot. But Elixir’s demos didn’t impress potential record labels, so when particular members from the metallic press rashly prejudged them simple Iron Maiden clones, the guys took matters to their very own hands by self-releasing their initial one, “Treachery” (b/w “Winds of your time”), in middle-1985. Drawing evaluations to epic steel legends like Rainbow and, normally, Maiden, the one earned the acceptance of important DJ Tommy Vance, who provided Elixir a program on his well-known Friday Rock Present in Feb 1986. Yet there is still no documenting contract to be enjoyed, therefore the ambitious group once more borrowed cash to record these The Kid of Odin LP, that they marketed on consignment to indie record shops and via email order. The record received a good bit of compliment, too, however, not also Elixir’s resourcefulness and willpower could maintain them permanently; after attempting for another couple of years, they finished up parting methods using the Dobbs brothers before completing their suggested second record, in middle-1988. The just bit of very good news was that, aswell as substitute bassist Mark Light, the brand new opus (tentatively entitled Sovereign Treatment) featured non-e other than previous Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr behind the package. Only issue was there is still no major-label curiosity for what these were providing, and by enough time the record was finally released by indie Sonic Records 2 yrs later, its material had been terribly dated, as well as the just indication of Burr (he’d recently been changed by one Stevie Hughes) was a sticker within the cover. Spent finally, Elixir finally known as it each day, although the entire 1st recording lineup did ultimately re-form in 2003 to be able to capitalize within the N.W.O.B.H.M.’s most recent popularity resurgence, saving a belated third recording known as The Idol.

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