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Ed O.G. (given birth to Edward Anderson) penned a poignant and amazing message monitor on his 1991 Compact disc Life of a youngster within the Ghetto. “Be considered a Father to YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER” was a more effective plea for parental responsibility than ratings of politics rhetoric spewed by remaining- and right-wing types. The complete disc was a troubling, evocative, and wonderfully created and performed take a look at inner-city existence that neither glorified nor reduced the tragedy nor understated the triumphs natural in making it through the madness. The follow-up, Roxbury 02119, wasn’t quite as fascinating, but was still kilometers ahead of a lot more greatly hyped and advertised hip-hop produces in 1993.

Quick Facts

Full Name Da Bulldogs
Music Songs I Got to Have It, Be a Father to Your Child, Love Comes and Goes, Bug-a-boo, I’m Different, Streets of the Ghetto, Skinny Dip, She Said It Was Great, Gotta Have Money, Speak Upon It, Feel Like a Nut, Let Me Tickle Your Fancy, Life of a Kid in the Ghetto, Stop, Less Than Zero, Dedicated to the Right Wingers, Sayin' Somethin', I'll Rip You, I'm Laughin', Go Up & Up, I Thought Ya Knew, Streets Of The Getto, Try Me, Dat Ain't Right, Busted, That Ain't Right, Rock the Beat, Nothing Ventured, Livin' it Up, Get It Right, Check It Out, What U Know
Albums Life of a Kid in the Ghetto, Roxbury 02119, Wishful Thinking, Almost Famous, Acting, Dedicated*

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