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Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts, a trio from Belfast, Ireland, play a make of indie rock and roll that is just like susceptible to bursts of guitar-generated sound since it is soft, calm, melodic pop. Traces of virtually any music group of worth have already been identified within their tracks (to mention a few: Television, Pleasure Department, My Bloody Valentine) however when all can be said and completed, they appear to be a music group that would have got toured with famous brands Versus in the middle-’90s. The music group — bassist/vocalist Roisin Stewart, drummer Chris Heaney (also an engineer for famous brands U2), and guitarist/vocalist Charley Mooney — debuted for the Tough Trade subsidiary Tugboat in 2000 using the No More Artwork one. They finally shipped their debut LP, Let’s WORSEN, two years afterwards. Chiefly made by Andy Miller (Arab Strap, Mogwai), the group was also aided by instrumental help from Lifestyle Without Structures’ Robert Johnston and can Bradley.

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