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Purportedly named following the Swedish police code for murder, Corporation 187 hail from the city of Linköping and also have both musical and human ties (i.e., several shared associates) to equivalent deathly thrash rings Satanic Slaughter and Witchery. The group was formed being a Slayer cover music group by vocalist Pelle Severin, guitarists Magnus Pettersson and Olof Knuttson, bassist Jonas Ekstrom, and drummer Robert Eng, but shortly began penning unique material because of its albums Subliminal Dread (2000) and Excellence in Discomfort (2002), which launched new users Filip Carlsson (vocals) and Viktor Klint (bass) and was preceded by Western trips with Lord Bellial and these Satanic Slaughter.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Perfection in Pain, Strange is Strong, Ghosts of Confusion, Thursday-Night Aggression, My Life to Kill, Violated Relation, Liquid Truth, Newcomers of Sin, Suffer as One, The Joy of Being Addicted, Religious Connection, I'm the New Messiah, 2nd Pain, Virus Nation, Provoking the Prophet, Teaching the Sick, Feeding the Dead, Question the Light, My Sickness, Madhouse, Cardiac, Frustration, Procession
Albums Newcomers of Sin

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