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Carmen Rodgers

Carmen Rodgers is among countless performers who emerged through the 2000s and deserved to become known by a lot more than serious, deep-digging R&B listeners. Blessed in Mississippi, elevated in Tx, and located in Georgia (particularly Atlanta), Rodgers added a mellow but stimulating showcase, “Ain’t VIRTUALLY NO TIME,” to Hidden Seaside Recordings Presents Hidden Strikes, Vol. 1, released in 2003. This is followed by many performances on compilations for various other labels, including types from U.K. outlet stores Extension and Dome, aswell as featured performances on recordings by famous brands Darryl Reeves, the FOREX, and Zo! (and several live performances using the last mentioned two). Rodgers in addition has issued independent single albums, like the self-released Free of charge (2004) as well as the Bitter Collection (2011), aswell as Stargazer (2015), the final which was backed by Purpose GROUP.

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