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Capella Alamire

Innovator Peter Urquhart, a pupil at Harvard School founded renaissance vocal group Capella Alamire at Cambridge, MA, in 1984. Urquhart was focusing on his dissertation about Franco-Flemish Renaissance composers and required several performers to fine-tune a few of his principles about functionality practice in enough time of Josquin. Originally composed of performers from Harvard-Radcliffe, the group were able to stay jointly during Urquhart’s sojourn to Italy also to present concerts ready from editions created by Urquhart under Charles Turner. Peter Urquhart eventually settled right into a placement at the School of New Hampshire; nevertheless, Capella Alamire continues to be structured at Cambridge and remarkable performers from Cambridge, Boston, Portsmouth, Worcester, Providence, and various other communities in the region have added their abilities to Capella Alamire. The task of Capella Alamire is normally highly specific — aside from a few modern functions the group provides used on, Capella Alamire mainly sings Franco-Flemish music from the fifteenth and sixteenth decades. Urquhart can be an professional in the world of musica ficta (i.e., the practice of utilizing unnotated accidentals in manuscripts from the Medieval and Renaissance intervals). Even though many Capella Alamire shows receive from editions made by Urquhart, some are sung straight from the manuscript resources themselves, with performers been trained in reading mensural notation. Capella Alamire offers documented for Musical History Culture, Titanic, Dorian Finding, and Naxos, as well as for his attempts, Urquhart was granted the American Musicological Society’s Noah Greenberg Honor in 1987. The name Alamire is definitely extracted from the pseudonym of the unknown fifteenth hundred years music copyist whose manuscript copies of Josquin’s music are extremely valued; it really is solfege for the pitch “A” in various settings — “A-La-Mi-Re.”

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