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Bill Jones

There’s a multi-instrumentalist named Bill Jones that has dozens of saving credits with mainstream artists like the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and Jimmy Buffett. While that Expenses Jones has shown to be adept on tools such as for example alto saxophone and recorder aswell as keyboards, he’s not similar Jones acknowledged with playing the sousaphone with an recording entitled Beyond the Dark Split, released on vinyl fabric in 1976 and reissued on compact disk in 1999. This function, created from the eccentric Rev. Dwight Frizzell, assures Jones a location in avant-garde background — which plus a couple of cash was the price tag on a good sit down elsewhere in Kansas Town 25 % of hundred years after Beyond the Dark Crack first made an appearance on the roads. Jones and his sousaphone had been an aspect from the staff of KC henchmen the charismatic Frizzell could muster jointly for such tasks. Another fellow with the name of Jim Rogers has been an expert on avant-garde kazoo, no little feat. Despite Kansas City’s comparative proximity towards the Ozark Mountains, the music on Beyond the Dark Crack can not be farther from the radio-friendly country-rock from the previously mentioned Costs Jones as well as the Ozark Hill Daredevils. The sousaphone guy should also not really be confused using a William Jones who has the euphonium, a smaller sized however in some factors similar brass device, in contexts like the United States Surroundings Force Band.

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