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Arlindo Cruz

Arlindo Cruz participated inside a saving for the very first time on Candeia’s album Roda de Samba. His 1st music, “Lição de Malandragem” (created in 1980), was documented by Davi Correia. He became a member of the group Fundo de Quintal in 1980. For the reason that samba group, which got its historical importance acknowledged because of its part in the restoration from the genre, he’d meet his long term partner Sombrinha (with whom he offers recorded many albums and offers kept a carrying out collaboration). Cruz documented as a vocalist for the very first time in Fundo de Quintal’s second recording, Fundo de Quintal No. 2. He documented many of his personal compositions with achievement, like “Só Pra Contrariar” (with Sombrinha and Almir Guineto). His tracks also became strikes in the interpretations by great performers like Beth Carvalho (“Malandro Sou European union,” “Sonhando Sou Feliz”), Alcione (“Fora de Ocasião”), and Zeca Pagodinho (“Bagaço de Laranja,” “Saudade Louca,” and “Casal Sem Vergonha”). The LP Arlindinho (1992) displayed the starting place of his single profession. “E Verás Que Um Filho Teu Não Foge À Luta,” samba enredo created as well as Aluísio Machado, Índio perform Império, Lula, and Beto Pernada, was shown from the Império Serrano samba college.

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