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Anton Lada

Drummer and bandleader Anton Lada’s 1918 recordings using the Louisiana Five were among the 1st commercial produces of music regarded as jazz. Lada experienced also drummed within an early edition of the initial Dixieland Jass Music group, almost four years before it became the initial combo in jazz documenting history with an early on 1917 aspect. Alcide “Yellowish” Nunez, clarinetist and composer, was also involved with both groups aswell as additional music business background, this time regarding a dispute within the songwriting credits for the blues. Both players produced the Louisiana Five by adding pianist Joe Cawley, trombonist Charlie Panelli, and banjoist Karl Berger, no regards to the German vibraphonist and pianist. Besides drumming, Lada toiled as supervisor of the music group. The group documented for brands including Emerson, Columbia, and Edison. Last periods for the Louisiana Five occurred in 1920, where time titles such as for example “Weary Blues” may possess indicated fatigue using the task. Lada’s Louisiana Orchestra started documenting in 1922, once again using the drummer in the administration hot seat. Occasionally the condition of Louisiana was slipped in the band’s name, most likely not an awful idea for the bandleader who was simply blessed in Chicago and passed away in Santa Monica. Subsequently, the Sunset label didn’t agree, marketing the ensemble as Anton Lada’s Louisiana Lads. As much as 14 players might have been in this music group, under whatever name, including interesting usage of oboe, xylophone, and euphonium. A fifty percent dozen of the instrumentalists haven’t been identified, although some players such as for example banjoist and bassist Macy Drucker either didn’t actually can be found or weren’t in this specific group. Regarding to discographers, Lada’s last recordings were manufactured in the middle-’20s; nevertheless, his popular groupings continued executing live. In 1941 Lada relocated to Hollywood, credit scoring movies and developing right into a Raymond Scott type, an activity unfortunately cut brief with the grim reaper when Lada was just in his early fifties. This musician co-wrote jazz and ragtime figures with pianist Spencer Williams, notably “Arkansas Blues” and “Barcelona.”

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