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Annibale Padovano

Dynamic at St. Mark’s in Venice from 1552 until 1565 so that as the courtroom organist for Archduke Karl II of Austria in Graz, Padovano added greatly towards the advancement of the body organ ricercare together with Willaert, Parabosco while others. He also got the opportunity to try out upon two keyboards concurrently as this probability was afforded him while at St. Mark’s in Venice. Padovano’s ricercares used themes produced from plainsongs which he assorted through rhythms, settings, melody and imitation via different intervals. Compositions that allowed for improvisation was a hallmark of Padovano’s achievements and he might have been among the 1st composers to increase this type and help take it to fruition. A few of his compositions may actually indicate the usage of pedals that was extremely uncommon and innovative in Italy with all this time period.

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